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Fiery Moon

Chapter 2

What have I done?

My internal self-defenses wanted to go in full on panic mode, but the fact that I had just imprinted, all I could feel was blissful happiness. Wow, I never thought the world could feel so clear now. He's so beautiful… NO! I said I'd stop using that word to describe this lee…gorgeous man. Oh god, I just keep embarrassing myself like this. Oh no, he's staring at me now… what do I say? Do? Should I talk to Sam? Ok maybe that would be best. Oh I hope he accepts me, I just can't live without him, I don't even know his name. I bet it's something amazingly cool. I think he's actually smiling at me! Oh I could just pass out now… FOCUS! Sam. Talk. NOW!

Everything had happened so fast I couldn't breathe at all. Sam, Leah, and Embry all seemed to notice there was something wrong with me now. I had completely ignored all the introductions, and they had just finally gotten to him.

"And this is my youngest son, Edward." Dr. Cullen said.

Edward? Wow what a beautiful name, it just rolls off the tongue like a dream… NO NO! I really need to speak with Sam and fast.

I pulled Sam over to the side just a little and whispered. "Sam I need to urgently speak with you now, alone, private, A.S.A.P. please!"

"Jake, can't this wait? We're in the middle of a meeting."

"No Sam this can't wait at all. I…I…I just imprinted. I need to speak with you about this alone, before anything else happens."

Sam wasn't exactly sure who it was, or what was going on about this, but he noticed the urgency in my voice enough to go inside my house with me.

"Leah and Jared continue on introductions and negotiations with the Cullen's please. I need to speak with Jacob alone about something rather important ok? Embry, you might want to come with us too."

Oh god not poor Embry, it's bad enough I finally imprinted. But now I imprinted on a vampire, and what will Embry say about this?! I can't live without this Edward though. He's my entire world now; yes I know you can hear me. I'll come back and explain in person out loud soon okay? I need to speak with my pack leader first about this. I know you can't answer me yet, but I hope you reciprocate my feelings. It's something I can't control, but now that it has happened, I can't live without you. Literally I won't be able to live without you okay Edward?

I saw him nod towards my way and I hope that was a yes. Well slowly I followed Sam and Embry into my house. Embry just kept looking at me with a pained look in his eyes, hoping everything was ok with me.

"Ok Jake, so who was it? Obviously it wasn't Embry because we would've known about that earlier."

"Jeez Sam you didn't have to bring him here, not yet at least. And… I'm sort of afraid to say it out loud."

"Wait, what the hell is going on Sam? Jake? Wait, did Jake imprint on someone? Is that what this is all about? Jake please tell me you're joking, this is a joke right Sam? You couldn't handle being around the leeches out there or something right? Jake? JAKE?!"

I could hardly look Embry in the eyes. "Embry, I'm so sorry. I never wanted this, wanted any of this! You all knew that, and now I've imprinted. And it's to someone I don't even know yet! I just know he's some stupid mind reader who knows everything now thanks to his wonderfully annoying mind reading ability."

"Whoa Jacob, are you saying you imprinted on a vampire? The mind reading one? How do you even know it's that particular one?" Sam was very weary now. And the only thing Embry could do was not break my couch in half while supporting himself against it. I could see his whole form shaking now. I knew he was fighting with himself for full control over his emotions right now.

"Well it was at least the last one at the end of their line. The one named Edward. When I first looked into his eyes, it was like wow! Everything else in the world didn't exist anymore. It was only me and him, and he was the only reason for my existence at all anymore. I could see him making faces at me, and nodding or making certain noises under his breathe when I would think something specific towards him in my mind."

"Sam, this can't be happening, he can't be imprinting on a damned LEECH!" Embry was on his last thread of sanity. At any minute he would snap and probably attack Edward. No he wouldn't would he? But I can't live without Edward now!

"Embry please calm down, ok? You can't do anything rash; I can't help this at all. Could Sam, Jared, Paul, or even our best friend Quil help it? No they couldn't, not at all. It's just another part of this whole werewolf thing now."

"Look I brought Embry in here because he deserved a better way of finding out, then when I had to drop it with Leah at first. He is a werewolf and part of this pack now. He can know unlike Leah at the time. It was the only fair thing to do Jake ok? And Embry you will not be hostile or attack the Cullen's at any time unless I give the command do you understand? If you were to destroy this Edward, Jacob and you would have to fight to the death. Would you really want to destroy Jacob? He will not want to live if anything were to happen to his imprintee."

Embry had just about lost it, but he looked into my eyes and realized if anything did happen to this Edward. He would lose me forever because a wolf cannot live without his or her object of affection.

"Ok, but Sam I can't just stand here right now, please let me phase and join Seth and Paul? I know I'll do something that will hurt Jacob way too much if I were to stay."

Before Sam gave him a nod of approval, he was already out the back door clothes dropped on my back porch, phased and running deeper into the village.

"Well, this definitely is very unexpected Jacob. But when it comes to you kid, I don't expect anything normal anymore."

"Gee thanks Sam, real sentimental feelings right there. All of this is so confusing; I mean how did you deal with all this? Like with Leah and Emily going from loving one to needing only the other?"

"Trust me kid it won't be easy at all, I still feel guilty each day for hurting Leah like that, but it's completely out our control. Imprinting happens when we find that one person who we cannot live without. There are many theories of why we imprint, but I think you just broke them all today."

Great so I was a freak among freaks now, and all I could think about was Edward. "I guess we should get back out there now, I promised I would explain all this to Edward."

"Yes, we need to explain this to everyone before it escalates into something bad. Please Jacob, promise me you will take extreme caution when you're with Edward. I know they are very civilized for vampires, but he still is a vampire. One slip up and one bite and you could end up dead. Their venom that transforms humans into their own kind is a poison to us. I don't think he would maliciously harm you at all. Be very cautious any ways ok?"

"Sure, sure Sam, I promise I'll do my best, but I really want to go meet him again, and be with him." I just kept blushing every time I thought of him. I need to be with him. I need to know he will be with me too. My heart just stopped dead for one second, what if he did say no? No werewolf can live without the object of their affection.

"Come on kid, let's get this over with. And don't worry about Embry; I'll talk with him later this evening."

"Yeah thanks again for that, I mean I know he needed to know about everything. I just hate that this will hurt him so badly now."

We left the comfort of my house and back outside to the bonfire pit. And there he was, Edward, the most amazing being to me right now in this world. I slowly approached him now, blushing really badly. He saw me coming and just smiled. My heart did back flips and fluttered like it was in overdrive. He's so hot, so amazing, wow how could I be so lucky to imprint on someone so gorgeous. I look like riffraff next to him, least when I was with Embry we matched. Now it will be as if fire and ice can exist together. That is if he'll accept me, Oh please Edward please accept me. Sorry, sorry I'm so sorry! I don't mean to keep acting like a sixteen year old girl. I promise it's mostly the imprinting kicking in for the first time.

He just kept smiling at me, such a wonderful crooked smile while I kept gushing inside my head. We finally reached everyone and Sam took the stand to speak.

"Sorry about that, but Jacob here needed my full attention to a matter of importance. If you would please hear me out on our legends and lore, I will do my best to explain what has happened in a mere few minutes since you have arrived."

Dr. Cullen spoke up first. "Well it seems my son Edward and Jacob need to discuss something important just between each other? Edward tries his best not to listen in on others thoughts, but when the thoughts involve him, well it's just involuntary sometimes. He didn't say exactly what it was about, but it needed to be private with him and Jacob, am I correct?"

"Yes Dr. Cullen…"

"Please call me Carlisle, Sam."

"Yes Carlisle, but I feel I need to explain about the situation anyways. So please with an open mind, listen to our histories. We have great magic in our blood as you well know. We transform into our wolf selves when we cross the scent of your kind for the first time when we are young adolescents. I was the first of us to transform, our elders had to transition me into this new world. After that they told me of all the stories and legends, now that I was finally in the know. One particular legend they spoke of, was the legend of imprinting. Imprinting for our tribe, for us wolves, is when a wolf sees for the first time the person they will forever spend the rest of their lives with, the object of the wolf's affection. The werewolf in question just has to look into the eyes of his or her mate for the first time, and a strange phenomenon occurs. They will imprint on that person, and a pull of our very beings, our souls binds and attaches to the other persons soul. We cannot control when we imprint on someone, and without that person in our lives we can end up dying. If a wolf is kept without their imprintee, the wolf can fall into an extremely deep depression and end up just simply passing away. I hope you can see how important it is to address this issue with you all."

It was Edward that spoke up next, and I was so glad he did. "Well honestly this is all of a sudden, but if I had to be honest with myself. I'm very willing to reciprocate the feelings to you Jacob. I'm not currently tied to anyone myself. I would like to get to know you better before we move forward any more than we already have done. But I will do my best to be faithful to you, and stay with you."

"If you don't mind my asking, Edward, did you feel a pull yourself towards Jacob? After the initial imprinting phase, the imprintee feels a pull themselves, not as strong as imprinting itself, but it lets the imprintee know sort of what has happened."

"Yes, I did feel some kind of new connection spark, after Jacob here looked into my eyes. I was not quite sure what it was, but I'm happy that the madness has been explained. I'm quite glad I'm not going insane myself." Edward smirked as he stared at me the whole time he spoke, with smoldering amber liquid eyes. His voice is like velvet in the wind. I could listen to him speak all night long. I'm so happy he's willing to reciprocate; I'm not sure what I would have done if he had said no. Heh, who would have thought in the history of anything mystical and myth, would exist, a vampire and a werewolf together as mates, as lovers, as destined souls. "T-t-thank you Edward, this means everything to me! If you don't mind, I'd like to walk down to First Beach with you. So we could speak alone, and get to know each other as you suggested ok? Sam you don't mind do you?"

"Nah go ahead kid, we'll finish up explaining everything to the rest of the Cullen's and get on with the treaty line expansion. Good luck and, well have fun you two." Sam gave us both a genuine smile.

I nodded toward Sam, and grabbed Edward Cullen by his hand. I'm not sure where this confidence came from, but there was one thing certain… He's mine now. Oh shit, sorry I don't mean to sound so possessive, but you really mean that much to me. I hope you take that as a compliment.

"Hehe it's quite alright Jacob, I find you very interesting already. I think this is going to work out rather nicely." And off to the beach we went, hand in hand.
Well here it is guys, even a few good reviews and comments have boosted my confidence enough to keep posting my story here ^^. Fiery Moon Chapter 2, how will Edward deal with Jacob? Will Edward reciprocate?

Yummy Yaoi as always

Twilight everything always © Stephenie Meyer
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