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Fiery Moon(Yaoi warning, don't like run away now!)

Chapter 3

On my way to his icy heart!

I hadn't noticed at first, but after having Edward's hand in mine for a bit, it was so cold against my hand. I knew our temperatures ran higher because of being a werewolf, but I never knew how different the degrees would be with a wolf touching a vampire. Wow, the whole world has drastically changed for me all in one day. I have my Edward Cullen with me in my hands. And he's perfect, just perfect. Every time he smiles at me, I feel like I'm being dazzled.

He raised one eyebrow at me, and then smiled that wonderful crooked smile I have grown to love already. "So Jacob Black, I dazzle you when I smile?"

"Yes, you dazzle me, frequently now." I said confidently, and then blushed so red. I thought my face might stay that shade forever. I just sort of stared at him, just taking in all his features at once. His wonderful eyes are like liquid amber, just gazing right into my soul. His lips are full, and fit his face so right. His crooked smile dazzles me (I can't believe I used that word)! His smell is so much sweeter, but in a great way compared to any other vampire scent. I feel like I could live in this moment forever… and thanks to this imprinting I will!

"Oh, there's a tree we can use as a bench over here." I lead him to mine and Embry's old hang out spot on the beach. I knew there was something special about this place, but I couldn't put two and two together right now.

"So Jacob Black, what would you like to know about me? I figure we can trade off questions. You can ask a few about me, and then I'll ask some about you ok? I promise you I will give this my fullest effort. I've never met anyone quite like you. I really must say, so far I like you and everything about you. You seem rather sweet and kind. You're gentle and very genuine in your own way. I already feel so protective over you, and I will say this too. I claim you as mine; you are now mine as well, Jacob." He smiled at me, that wonderful smile. I felt whole and complete now. He's claimed me. I'm his and he is mine.

"Well, I guess… how long have you been a vampire?" I wasn't sure if this was the right question to start off with, but I was strangely curious.

"Well, my father Carlisle found me dying of the Spanish Influenza back in 1918. He had always wanted another companion with him, but never saw fit to create such a monstrosity and steal one's life away from them, as his was so long ago. He figured helping a dying person already would be the justified way to go about it. So I've been a vampire for nearly a hundred years." He still smiled at me while answering me.

"Wow, so you've been around for so long… How do you deal with it all?" From my question I guess he wasn't quite sure what I meant, but after hearing the real meaning behind my question inside my head. How do you deal with the fact you'll be around and have been around for so long? I'm still not sure if I can handle the fact I've stopped aging myself. But if you're going to be around forever, I want to as well.

"Well Jacob, time definitely has a much different meaning to me. With such freedom and time on one's hands, you find ways to occupy yourself so much; you can hardly tell time passes by at any rate. It isn't as difficult as you make it out to be I promise you. We will have much time on our hands, but I see it now as a wonderful opportunity I never had before. Time will now be much more bearable with someone at my side, rather than trying to find projects and studies to occupy myself." He said with a deep smile on his face and a glow about him.

"You make staying alive forever sound like a dream. It's a dream worth living, especially with you Edward." I decided I wanted to make a bold move right here and now. I leaned in closely to his face and tried my best to look sexy and appealing to him. I can do this! I've kissed people before…

Before my face got any closer to his, he was up off the bench and about a foot away from me before I could even react. "Did I do something wrong?" Worry and bitter disappointment filled my face.

"No Jacob, you did nothing wrong. It was an overreaction on my part. I wasn't sure if risking such close contact would be healthy for you. I think I can manage it though. It isn't as bad as I expected it to be." He looked at me with apology written all over his face. Confusion swept over me, and he instantly said, "You have blood flowing in your veins Jacob, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to resist the first time being so close to you. But your blood, it's so well balanced from the other wolves, now that I have you alone. It's a mixture of something so sweet and delicious and something so beautiful and fragrant like cologne of the rarest kind. I truly am sorry, just stay still and we can…"

He came closer to me this time, his face just inches away from mine. And that was it for all self-control, he was kissing me before my brain could truly react what was happening, but when it did I lost it. I had fists full of his hair, pulling his body closer to mine. My temperature seemed to flare up, while his seemed to drop. It truly was like we were trying to cause a chemical reaction. Ice and fire, the fire melting the ice as the water from the ice puts the fire out. I had never experienced a sensation quite like this. Before it went any further and before I lost all my oxygen since I forgot to breathe, he pulled back slowly and stared into my eyes gently.

"Careful Jacob, next time I don't want you to drown because of my breath." He grinned at me. I just stared at him mindless for about a minute, concern crossed in his eyes. "Jacob, are you ok? To be honest I've never kissed anyone before. So I hope I didn't do anything wrong."

I wanted to sort of punch him in the arm for thinking he was a bad kisser. My mind finally caught up with the rest of the world. "Are you kidding me? This cannot be your first time at kissing. That was the most amazing kiss I've ever had! I'm not sure I've ever felt so happy and well I'm not sure what else to say. So you're saying I'm your first kiss then?"

I'm sure if Edward could still blush he might have, but he kept a smooth face. "Well yes, I guess you could say you're my first everything Jacob. I've walked all over this world for nearly a hundred years, and I've never met a person like you ever. My family thinks of me as always lonely, the sufferer in silence type. They always think I'm brooding away in my room never trying to find my place in this world. I must admit I felt so close to just giving in, and being the monster they all figured I was behind my mask I wore. I hope I can be the right kind of man for you Jacob." He reached for my face and just held it in his hands for a moment. The moment seemed like hours until… My stomach decided to make itself known.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, what I'm trying to say… it's sort of a wolf thing. I'm constantly hungry; need more energy when you're a werewolf it seems." I wasn't sure why I felt so embarrassed over something that is just completely normal to me.

"Forgive me Jacob, I've seem to have kept you from dinner. Meal times for me usually only come around once or twice every week or two. Let's get you something to eat. I know of a wonderful Italian restaurant in Port Angeles if you're willing to come with me." He smiled, and reached for my hand pulling me up with him.

"Oh, that sounds wonderful! I haven't been out in quite a while. Not since Charlie and my dad went to celebrate my sixteenth birthday with me and my friends. We had a big celebration at their favorite place in Forks, wolf style." I smiled up at his face, and allowed him to lead me back to the meeting place where we left our families and friends.

We arrived back at the bonfire pit where only Sam waited for us, he had already built a fire. He seemed rather relaxed, but deep in thought. I guess the meeting went rather well, Sam seems more relaxed about it all then before it even started. I'm really glad; I hope we can all work together now.

"Yes, everything went smoothly even in our absence. I'm sure Sam will catch you up on all of this later, but he is waiting for us. He wants to make sure I'm not going to leave you, or cause you an eternity of pain or a swift death; depending on your outlook of the term death."  He seemed kind of annoyed, but regained his cool and composer before we reached Sam.

Sam came up to us; eyes weary at first, but then relaxed when he saw how happy I was, and the glow of my face. "Jacob, Edward, I trust everything is ok? Did you guys have a nice evening?" He seemed very genuine with his responses. "I know I have no right asking someone like you, or anyone for that matter this, but… Please take care of Jacob for us Edward. He means so much to us all. Losing a pack member is a very hard and heavy thing that can scar our very beings. I don't doubt your family's intentions or way of life. I've just never seen this happen in any of our histories ever. I would be forever grateful if you will always be a part of Jake's life now. We consider your family our family now. You cannot be touched by any wolf ever. For as long as you and Jacob remains part of this world. We have already welcomed your siblings and parents. We now welcome you to our family as well, Edward Cullen." He held out his hand, and gestured for a firm hand shake.

Edward reciprocated the gesture, and smiled warmly at Sam. "Thank you very much Sam, I shall remain always at Jacob's side, and loyal to this family myself." He smiled half-heartedly at Sam. "If you don't mind, I'd like to take Jacob out for the evening. He seems rather hungry, keeping him away from dinner I feel responsible to make sure he eats soon. I'll be taking him into Port Angeles, to a restaurant I've heard many wonderful things about from my classmates at Forks."

"That sounds very generous and nice of you Edward. I hope you two enjoy, Jacob, Billy is still out with Charlie, and he stayed with Charlie to finish watching the game. We'll explain everything tomorrow to him when he gets back ok? Just enjoy the rest of the night with Edward." Sam smiled again at Edward, then just came up and patted my head. He gave me a grin I still don't fully understand after a minute of thinking too much into it and walked off back towards the rest of La Push.

"This has been the strangest day of my life, and yet the most amazing day as well. I'm not sure if I'll fully understand it all ever." I looked up into Edwards eyes and smiled and just rested myself against his shoulder. "So Edward, how are we getting to Port Angeles? We could take my Rabbit, or my Harley Sprint." I was quite proud of myself for finding that broken down piece of junk and restoring it.

"That's quite alright Jacob…" He said pulling a set of car keys from his pocket. "I'm just parked right outside the old Treaty line. We can take my car." He smiled that wonderful crooked smile, but for some reason there was more behind it this time.
Well here is Chapter 3 of Fiery Moon. Just read it and you'll find out what's going on! lol

Yaoi warning <3

Twilight Saga everything © Stephenie Meyer
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buffyvampireslayer39 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is interesting. Its like you put jacob right into bella's spot with the same lines and everything.
Yamimarik44 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yeah basically. It's only because Jacob imprinted on Edward. If it had just been love or even unrequited love, would have kept some of Edward and Jacob's animosity intact.
buffyvampireslayer39 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That makes sense. :P
rainbowdragonball Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Loving It! I wonder what's wrong with Edward.
Yamimarik44 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you very much, I'm glad you're enjoying the story ^.^
rainbowdragonball Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
:) Ur Welcome. It's very good.
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