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Fiery Moon(This is a yaoi/slash Fanfic containing Male/Male Back away if you don't like!)

Chapter 1

Imprinting on the Enemy?

Everything had changed so suddenly. Just yesterday I was your normal 16 year old, ok well normal is an understatement. I was at least average, and I quite enjoyed being average. Least I didn't get the freakish height like everyone else down in La Push. I did get more ripped, which I rather enjoyed, until I realized I was still rather small compared to Embry, Quil, Jared, Paul AND Sam… even Leah! What the hell was up with that? Turning into a giant werewolf was the last thing I expected after turning sixteen. Getting my license, getting out of the res more, even going on dates with my boyfriend, but now? Patrol duties for mythical ass creatures that apparently exist now! Vampires… they apparently are real, so much so something inside our genes tells us to change into giant horse sized wolves when we pick up their scents.

"Jake, you coming to the meeting tonight?", Seth said to me. "Sure, sure like any of us have a choice Seth…" I rolled my eyes at him. Seth was the last of us to go through the change. At only 15 he was the youngest, and thankfully the smallest. So glad I could still pick on someone in this "pack". And why would he ask such a stupid question, of course I had to go to this meeting with these "bloodsuckers" we made a treaty with years and years ago. Once our wonderful Alpha, Sam, gave us an order it must be obeyed. I was supposed to take over as Alpha once I transformed, but I turned it down, I didn't want any of this, much less be the leader of our pack. So Sam graciously accepted to stay as Alpha until I decided to change my mind, which was never going to happen.

Next thing I know Quil and Embry are flanking me. Embry comes up and plants a huge kiss on my lips. He's so dramatic sometimes, but I still love the jerk. Quil just snickers then fakes a grimace at our romantic antics. I just pull Embry in one of my Jake "wolf" hugs and kiss him back.

"Hey babe, you ready for this meeting with those goody good leeches?".

"Yeah I suppose, you seem all jazzed up over meeting a couple of leeches, even if they are allies instead of normal bloodsuckers."

"Well we've only seen those three before and they got away from us! I can't wait to finally see them up close, jeez Jake you think you would be more excited since this will be the first ones you've ever seen!"

"Oh yeah I'm so excited to finally see these mythical assholes that are the reason I turn into a huge wolf whenever I lose control of my temper…" I just huffed a breathe of resentment. I would never get used to this whole werewolf thing, no matter how much Embry and Quil loved it. Thankfully Quil can tune Embry and me out now, since he "imprinted" on Emily's niece Claire. I pray I never imprint on anyone, I love Embry way too much to magically fall in love with someone against my will and lose the best boyfriend ever. Embry feels the same way too, when we found out about imprinting from Sam, since he was the first to experience it with his fiancée Emily. Embry and I prayed we would imprint on each other, it never came. And we know what to expect thanks to sharing minds with the pack now, and how Sam, Paul, Jared and Quil all had felt like when it happened.

"Something else bugging ya babe?" Embry had stopped, pulling me aside with him, as his arm rested on my shoulders.

"I was just thinking about this whole imprinting thing again, I pray we NEVER experience it ourselves. I love you way too much to be a slave to someone else I would hardly know." I sighed resentfully again. I really hated vampires now. Not even for all the reasons we supposedly were supposed to hate them for, but for the fact I was a giant wolf that could possibly lose his free will at the mere sight of a stranger.

"Oh babe, don't worry too much about it. Like Sam said it's supposed to be a very rare occurrence among the tribe."

"Yeah it's soooo rare. Sam, Paul, Jared and now Mr. Babysitter over here… seem like at any minute it could happen and then I lose EVERYTHING!" Panic leaking out in my chest now, I quickly clung to Embry. In all truth I could be a smartass deviant who could smart off to you in an instance. I also had a huge heart and loved very hard the people I loved. I didn't want to lose Embry by any means at all. Whether it is by imprinting, or a vampire attacking him and killing him by some chance, I couldn't lose him. I had already lost my mother, and that still has me shaken up so badly I can't even think of her longer than thirty seconds at a time.  

Embry cooed in my ear gently, "Aww Jake it's going to be ok, listen… who else could we possibly see that we would imprint on? We've been all over the res, the neighboring res's and all throughout Forks. Even most of Port Angeles, so don't worry ok? You and I" he pointed at himself then me. "We'll always be together forever now, since we won't stop aging until we learn how to stop phasing." He quickly planted another kiss on my lips, this time it lasted longer.

I just melted into butter while in his hands. Then there was a rough gruff noise behind us. Of course Sam and Leah would interrupt my one good moment of the evening.

"Come on everyone let's stay focused now, the Cullen's will be here soon and we need to stay alert incase anything goes wrong. Seth and Paul will stay phased close to most of the inner houses. While the rest of us discuss new treaty lines, since we'll be working with the Cullen's to get these new enemies out of both our territories. We have nothing to fear from this coven of vampires. Our treaty is very clear and binding for both sides. They are not like other vampires; they do not harm or turn other humans. They drink blood from animals, and act as human as possible for their kind." Sam calmly got into greeting position around the bonfire site.

Great Sam was in Alpha mode now, no more bonding with Embry now. Thankfully we would be in human form for the meeting, I had too many thoughts swirling in my head to try and stay focused. I left Embry's side and headed at the second in command position beside Sam. Since I was a true heir Alpha, I automatically flanked Sam as second.

"Remember some of the Cullen's have special abilities, as the legends go. But they will not use them against us, but try to use them with us to quickly dispose of our enemy. From what I gathered with talking with the head of their coven, Dr. Carlisle, one can read minds, but only our current thoughts. Another of them can control our moods, so if you feel a sense of calm waver over you, don't fret. And another can see into the future, but it isn't as prominent as we should make it out to be." Sam let out a sigh; he was hoping that part of the vampire legend had been false.

And all of a sudden seven mature golden eyed vampires were entering the bonfire site. My heart accelerated a bit; aside from Seth, I was the only other one who had not seen a vampire up close yet. Aside from the sickening sweet smell from their scents, they were actually rather intimidating. I took in each of their scents as prominently as I could. One stood out differently for me than the others, it was more of a honey suckle flavor in my nose, it smelled extremely nice. Wait did I just say that in my head out loud? Oh I hope the mind reader wasn't listening in on my specific thoughts right now. My luck would have it, that the wonderful scent would belong to the mind reader.

The first to appear was a very handsome blonde male, I remembered him from the one time he treated a broken leg at the hospital for me. Dad was against him treating me the whole time, but Charlie had been there leering at dad. Charlie Swan had been dad's best friend for a long time now, ever since they were teens. Sometimes I wonder why they never hooked up after all these years of being so close.

Next beside him was a kind looking woman, she could be anyone's mother with a heart shaped face like that. Beautiful bronzed hair, with a smile that would warm anyone's heart I imagine. Instantly I just wanted to tear up for some reason, she reminded me of my own mother. I dropped that thought quickly as I picked it up. She seemed to be with Dr. Cullen.

After her was another blonde vamp, a woman probably around the same age as Sam. She was extremely beautiful, if you go for that kind of Barbie snob look. She looked as pleased to be here as Leah. Trust me that is saying something. I laughed internally on that little snide remark, and I heard a small laughter coming from their side too. Oh great so the mind reader was having a good laugh with me, well least he/she had a great sense of humor hehe…

Beside her was this rather intimidating vampire, one that would give Quil a run for his money! He had his arms wrapped around the blonde's waist. Well they looked perfect together, a sickly sadistic looking hulk of a vamp just looking for a reason to fight, with the snobby Barbie! I had to laugh again inside my head at how funny this all was to me. I could hear that light laughter down at the end of the line again, it sounded like it came from a guy.

Then I saw the smallest of them all, with short spikey black hair pointing all over the place. She reminded me of a pixie. She flashed a smile at me, which I sort of gave one of my wolfy grins right back at her. She seemed like someone I might actually get along with. If it wasn't for the stench and the fact she is supposed to be my natural enemy.

A rather tall and lean, but not without his own muscles, blonde vampire stood next to the pixie. He looked more intimidating then the hulk over beside Barbie. I looked into his eyes and felt a small calm feeling wavering over me. I instantly knew which vampire this was, the one who could control the emotions around him. I didn't resent him one bit, I rather enjoyed the calming effect. I still had this irrational fear I should fear him more than the hulking mass of muscle beside Blondie. I stored that in the back of my mind, and heard a huff coming from the end of the line. Ok this was really starting to piss me off, this whole mind reading thing was going to get old fast if I couldn't get into his mind too…

And finally down at the end of the line was this rather slender, but still well chiseled vampire, looking no older then sixteen or seventeen. With bronzed tousled hair, a crooked smile and an expression that made me know immediately he was the mind reader.

Suddenly something inside me snapped, snapped into place that is to say. I stared straight into the eyes of the mind reader and I completely lost myself, I no longer saw the world, my pack, or the other vampires with us. I only saw him, he was beautiful, and the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my life. He was even more beautiful than Embry. Did I just really think that? I had though, and I was happy I did. Nothing else existed for me; I was in love… no I was bound to this creature, this mind reader vampire. Gravity no longer had me on this earth; it was steel cables, connecting from my heart to his now. OH NO! I realized what just happened; it had finally hit me like a rock to the head. Like I was a blind man seeing for the first time in his life. I had imprinted on a vampire! A beautiful mind reading vampire…OH GOD I have to stop saying that in my head. Oh no… he reads minds he knows what happens then! What am I going to do now?
So this is my attempt at making a Twilight Fanfic. I'm not entirely sure how well this will be received here. My three close best friends all seemed to love it so far. I have three chapters written up. But will only post about 1 chapter here per week. If I decide to post any more after this.

WARNING:Yaoi/Slash there is plenty of it in here.

Twilight and all character/places/names always belong
© Stephenie Meyers
buffyvampireslayer39 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moremoremoremore!
Kpopbeast Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
omg omg! write more!
Yamimarik44 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
lol I already have 2 more chapters written,atm I'm sort of giving it some time on here before I decide if I want to post it on here or not. Just to see how it's received I suppose. I'm going to post a chapter a week(try to at least.)
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